An important message to Dify Social's small business customers and network (23 Mar, 2020, updated 13 Sep, 2020)

Try not to be a business "deer in headlights" during this challenging COVID-19 seasonnow is NOT the time to stop communicating with your networks and target communities.

Share what you are doing; what actions are you taking to keep yourself, your staff and your customers safe.

Even if you do have to close or suspend services for a period, tell people what you are doing ‘on the business’ so that when you resume you’ll be able to offer a better service (or products). Otherwise people will simply assume you’ve succumbed to the crisis.

If you need help (*see response below) with your social media, Dify Marketers' are  available to conduct online webcam chats, 'one-to-one' meetings, 'audit & consults' and 'setup & planning' sessions with Whereby refer => https://whereby.com/difysocial/stevehubbard (room has capacity for 50pax).

To check availability and to book an appointment, please phone 1300 DO SOCIAL, email marketer@difysocial.com.au, or visit Facebook page

Stay healthy, remain informed and don’t stop communicating!

Steve Hubbard, Dify Social, Director & Social Media Marketer

*DIFY COVID-19 response; we want to support you and your small business during this unprecedented time and are offering ...

1. First Month's Social Media Marketing Management, in addition to 'once off' audit & consult, setup & planning sessions currently offered to businesses with Bartercard Trade$ (Melbourne only) and / or Qoin wallet (Australia+) - please advise at the time of enquiry what barter 'closed currency' you would like to use.

2. 20-BNI Online Connect, it (is) was our intent to virtually visit 153 chapter meetings during this difficult season of COVID-19. You should join us along the way! See Facebook page. GOAL ACHIEVED! 🏉

3. DIFY JOBS; We have been Job Making! See DIFY JOBS page for details, application & closing dates (round one closed 23 Jun, 2020). We engaged 11 new (14 of us in total) University qualified, passionate marketers from Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Perth, Australia, who commenced on the 13 July, 2020.

Dify Marketers are attending Dify & BNI meetings, getting set up on systems and conducting comprehensive training in our 'have fun, do good' way of social media marketing communications over a 6+6 week onboarding period. 

Welcome aboard DIFY MARKETERS;  Jake, Lauren, Rhia (SA), Emily, Hannah, Tricia (QLD), Andy, Anthony, Hayley (VIC), Ben & Evelyn (Perth, WA) 🙌 See Marketer Showcase pages!

4. JobMaker Government Support; following Prime Minister Scott Morrison's announcement to the National Press Club on May 26, Dify Social has now written to the Australian Government office of Hon Michael Sukkar MP and State Government offices of; Premier Daniel Andrews MP (VIC), Premier Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA (WA), David Pisoni MP (SA), Shannon Fentiman MP (QLD) & Stuart Ayres MP (NSW) to seek clarity with regards to Government support for employer 'job makers'.

The Queensland Government, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (Victoria) and LGA's; City of Melbourne & City of Maribyrnong have provided a response. 

LINKS to sites of interest

Australian Government Department of Health »  Coronavirus (COVID-19) current situation* and case numbers Website / Facebook / LinkedIn (PM Scott Morrison)

Australian Government Business (business.gov.au) Coronavirus information and support for business » JobKeeper Payment for employers and employees Website

Australian Government Department of Social Services » COVID-19 Information and Support for individuals and families Website

Department of Health (DHHS) Victoria » Coronavirus update for Victoria *including Local Government Area - Cases Website

Business Victoria; Coronavirus business support - including a Business Support Fund with one-off $10,000 grant Website / Facebook (Premier Dan Andrews MP). Dify Social was successful in it's application to this support fund (see below). An additional Business Support Fund - Expansion Form  - $10K Applications for the program close on 19 August 2020. Dify Social was successful in it's application (see posts timeline below) 🙌


COSBOA offered grants to Australian small businesses adversely affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that closed Mon 1 Jun. Dify Social was unsuccessful. They also have a resources & links site => www.cosboa.org.au/covid-19

Working for Victoria has partnered with Sidekicker to deliver an efficient and fair online platform to link employers with candidates. Refer Website

Wyndham City Council 'WynLocal Small Business Professional Advice Program' & 'Business Recovery and Growth Fund' now closed - Dify Social (Werribee, VIC) Unsuccessful

City of Maribyrnong; Shout out to our businesses COVID-19 Website - note Dify Social listing under General Services. Business Improvement District (BID) Grant Program  Applications closed on Friday 7 August via www.maribyrnong.vic.gov.au/BID - Dify Social was unsuccessful.

JobMaker (see above) as a business located in the City of Melbourne and City of Maribyrnong, consideration and feedback from the Lord Mayor, Mayor and Economic Development Team members has been requested.

Facebook Small Business Grants Programme - Applications are coming soon to Australia. JOIN Facebook Group now

Let us know if you've found other Government or Corporate enterprise (sites) supporting small businesses and we'll add details on this page.

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