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An important message to Dify Social's small business customers and network (23 Mar, 2020, page updated 19 Sep, 2021)

Try not to be a business "deer in headlights" during this challenging COVID-19 pandemicnow is NOT the time to stop communicating with your networks and target communities.

Share what you are doing; what actions are you taking to keep yourself, your staff and your customers safe.

Even if you do have to close or suspend services for a period, tell people what you are doing ‘on the business’ so that when you resume you’ll be able to offer a better service (or products). Otherwise people will simply assume you’ve succumbed to the crisis.

If you need help (*see response below) with your social media, Dify Marketers are  available to conduct online webcam chats, '(BNI) one-to-one' meetings, 'audit & consults' and 'setup & planning' sessions with Whereby refer => https://whereby.com/difysocial/stevehubbard (room has capacity for 50pax).

To check availability and to book an appointment, please phone 1300 DO SOCIAL, email marketer@difysocial.com.au, or visit Facebook page

Stay healthy, remain informed and don’t stop communicating!

Steve Hubbard, Dify Social, Director & Social Media Marketer

VICTORIA CORONAVIRUS: Lockdown will end once State hits double dose target - Dan Andrews MP press conference (Sun 19, 2021)

Dify Social Marketer Inaugural 'All-in' (13 Jul, 2020)

*DIFY COVID-19 response; we want to support you and your small business during this unprecedented time and are offering ...

1. Social Media Marketing Management, in addition to 'once off' audit & consult, setup & planning sessions currently offered to businesses with Qoin (Australia+) - please advise at the time of enquiry.

2. 20-BNI Online Connect, it was Steve's intent to virtually visit 153 chapter meetings during this difficult season of COVID-19. Thanks joining him and then the new Marketers along the way! See Facebook page. GOAL ACHIEVED! 🏉

3. DIFY JOBS; We have been Job Making! See DIFY JOBS page for details, application & closing dates (2020 round closed 23 Jun). We engaged 11 new University qualified, passionate marketers from Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Perth, Australia, who commenced on the 13 July, 2020. 

Dify Marketers have now been set up on systems and received comprehensive training in our 'have fun, do good' way of social media marketing communications over a 12 week onboarding period. 

4. JobMaker Government Support; following Prime Minister Scott Morrison's announcement to the National Press Club on May 26, Dify Social has now written to the Australian Government office of Hon Michael Sukkar MP and State Government offices.

The Queensland Government, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (Victoria) and LGA's; City of Melbourne & City of Maribyrnong have provided a response.  

LINKS to sites of interest

Australian Government Department of Health »  Coronavirus (COVID-19) current situation* and case numbers Website / Facebook / LinkedIn (PM Scott Morrison)

Australian Government Business (business.gov.au) Coronavirus information and support for business » JobKeeper Payment for employers and employees Website

Australian Government Department of Social Services » COVID-19 Information and Support for individuals and families Website

Department of Health (DHHS) Victoria » Coronavirus update for Victoria *including Local Government Area - Cases Website

Business Victoria; Coronavirus business support - including a Business Support Fund with one-off $10,000 grant Website / Facebook (Premier Dan Andrews MP). Dify Social was successful in it's application to this support fund (see below). An additional Business Support Fund - Expansion Form  - $10K Applications for the program closed on 19 August 2020. Dify Social was successful in it's application (see posts timeline below) 🙌

Third round of the Business Support Fund applications closed on 23 November 2020. Dify Social applied on the 27 Sep, 2020 and was again successful in it's application.

The Small Business Digital Adaptation Program - to help Victorian small businesses build their digital capability. You must register by 28 Feb, 2021 to be eligible for the program and access digital product suppliers. Dify Social has also submitted an EOI to be a digital product supplier - advised unsuccessful 14 Jan, 2021 (email) .

COSBOA offered grants to Australian small businesses adversely affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that closed Mon 1 Jun. Dify Social was unsuccessful. They also have a resources & links site => www.cosboa.org.au/covid-19

Working for Victoria has partnered with Sidekicker to deliver an efficient and fair online platform to link employers with candidates. Refer Website

Wyndham City Council 'WynLocal Small Business Professional Advice Program' & 'Business Recovery and Growth Fund' now closed - Dify Social (Werribee, VIC) Unsuccessful.

City of Maribyrnong; Shout out to our businesses COVID-19 Website - note Dify Social listing under General Services. Business Improvement District (BID) Grant Program  Applications closed on Friday 7 August via maribyrnong.vic.gov.au/BID - Dify Social was unsuccessful. The Footscray Traders Association (FTA) was successful - Steve Hubbard is the current FTA Sec. 

JobMaker (see above) as a business located in the City of Melbourne and City of Maribyrnong, consideration and feedback from the Lord Mayor, Mayor and Economic Development Team members has been requested. JobMaker Hiring Credit

The Facebook Small Business Grants Programme has now been launched in  Australia. Did you join the Facebook Group? Facebook has launched a campaign to help business that continue to experience disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 restrictions. The application period was very tight – from the 16th-22nd of September. Dify Social was unsuccessful. How did your business go? 

Let us know if you've found other Government or Corporate enterprise (sites) supporting small businesses and we'll add details on this page.

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  • 👾 Just received the 'Join the Brimbank Localised business discovery meetup!' email and couldn't help be reminded of this Monsters Inc movie scene! (28 Nov)💱 Blockchain is "an immutable, decentralised network database; cheaper for payments (than credit cards); a more secure infrastructure." (27 Nov)
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  • DIFY Social Marketers are university qualified, confident & passionate emerging Marketers that 'have fun and do good' with our small business customers and network (5 Nov)
  • When an underdog fights like David, he usually wins. But most underdogs don’t fight like David - Malcolm Gladwell (4 Nov)
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  • 🌏 B1G1 CONNECTIONS - Growing a Business for Good Online Event (Tue 6 Oct, 7.30pm- ) ... with Dify Social's Steve Hubbard providing a short presentation on social media marketing, his 'business for good' journey and growth with B1G1 🌐 (3 Oct)
  • 🎶 Meet Anthony @DifySocial on TikTok #socialmediamarketer (turn volume up!) WATCH [YouTube]
  • A big thank you to BNI Thrive Docklands members & visitors for listening to my (Steven and Rochelle's) presentation (2 Oct, 2020)
  • 🎶 Meet Andy @DifySocial on TikTok #socialmediamarketer (turn volume up!) WATCH [YouTube]
  • Smokin Shisha 💨 NEW DIFY Social (Sydney, NSW) media marketing case study [blog]
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  • WESTSIDE IS BEST SIDE (even in an apocalypse? and when working remotely!) 29 Sep
  • 🙌 Winning at Dify Social Marketer All-in Week XII - with Uplift 360's Wes Towers (28 Sep)
  • 🎶 Meet Siri 🤸🏻‍♂️ who takes care of our wellbeing @DifySocial (26 Sep)
  • Q ... "have you watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix?" 📺 A. Yes. It's very good (25 Sep)
  • 2020 Facebook Small Business Grants - How did your business go? [Blog]
  • 🏆 Winning with BNI Melbourne West / Geelong's best performing chapter (24 Sep) with BNI Growth Partners Wyndham
  • 🌟 "Insufficient facts always invite danger" (Spok) - penultimate week of on-boarding our new Marketers to the 'Dify way'

  • 🛳️ "We're no Titanic (or Ruby Princess), it's full steam ahead here ..." (23 Sep) with BNI Business Builders - Business Networking Melbourne
  • Bounty Boxes - NEW DIFY Social (Melbourne, VIC) media marketing case study [blog] 22 Sep
  • 🤫 "We refuse to participate in a recession..." (22 Sep) with BNI Synergy
  • 🌏 Dify Social Marketer All-in Week XI ... with B1G1 Founder Masami Sato as our very special guest, together with outstanding presentations by Anthony Niglia & Evelyn Lee... (21 Sep)
  • Don't know what you don't know about social media marketing? [Event] ... Steve Hubbard will be giving a short "Winning with social media & business networking!" presentation at BNI Thrive on Fri 2 Oct, 2020
  • Hunter Professional Recruitment NEW DIFY Social media marketing case study [blog] 19 Sep
  • 🎶 Adrian Merendino representing 🤛 on TikTok (17 Sep)
  • 🎤 Beantalking - NEW DIFY Social media marketing case study [blog]
  • 👍 Dify Social Marketer All-in Week X ... with a 🔟  out of 🔟  presentations by Dify's Hannah Steffensen and Action Words Frank Chamberlin (17 Sep)
  • 💠 AMONGSTmarketing - NEW DIFY Social (Sydney, NSW) media marketing case study [blog] 17 Sep
  • Sorry traditional content creators, but you no longer hold the power! And we have little sympathy... READ  'Content Creation vs Content Communication (& Ads)' [Article] published by BusyContinent (16 Sep)
  • “Dear Sir, Can You Remember Me ...” 🌳🍎 via @difysocial [TikTok] 13 Sep
  • ☝️ The power of one (more) with Dify Social's Emily Mills attending & applying to join the brilliant BNI B2B Chapter (Brisbane, Qld) Thu 10 Sep 2020
  • ✔️ Yes DIFY Social media marketers are youthful ✔️ Yes we like to stretch ourselves (particularly when Siri says) & our business customers & networks ✔️ Yes @DifySocial is on #TikTok (10 Sep)
  • ⭐ Dify Social's Tricia Ravalo attending the outstanding BNI Oasis (Brisbane, Qld) online meeting as an applicant (8 Sep)
  • 🐨 DIFY Social Marketer All-in Week IX ... and the little one said, roll over, roll over, so they all rolled over and Lauren fell out!
  • 🗳️ Cr Peter Hemphill looking fine in a DIFY Social "WESTSIDE IS BESTSIDE (even in an apocalypse!)" hoodie! (7 Sep)
  • 👑 Dify Social's Hannah Steffensen attending BNI Leaders - West End (Brisbane, Qld) as an applicant (4 Sep)
  • 👩‍🎓 Professor Angela Carbone - NEW DIFY Social (Melbourne, VIC) media marketing case study [blog] 3 Sep
  • 🏇 Stable Eyes have teamed up with Dify Social in the design of these face masks (1 Sep, 2020) - see Dify Merch
  • 👋 WELCOME to week VIII's DIFY Marketer All-in [YouTube] - with special guest Tim Beanland and two fab presentations by Lauren & Ben  31 Aug
  • 🧢 "THE (DIFY) KIDS ARE COMING*" Tones And I (30 Aug)
  • 🖤 "We acknowledge that we are on the traditional lands of the Kulin nation, we offer our respects to the owners of these traditional lands, and through them to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples past and present" (29 Aug)
  • Rhia Daniel, based in Kapunda, South Australia, is one of 11 new (14 of us in total) University qualified, passionate marketers (28 Aug) Refer DIFY JOBS
  • 🎡 Subbing for David Field of Dingo Recruitment at London's #1 BNI Chapter (27 Aug)
  • 😞 "Hey there you with sad face, come up to my place let's live it up" 🤩 Unhappy with your business social media marketing? ... (26 Aug)
  • Guidance Mortgage Brokers - NEW DIFY Social (Melbourne, VIC) media marketing case study [blog]
  • Listening to superb first up presentations by Hayley J & Tricia 🙌 at DIFY Social's Monday morning All-in meet (24 Aug)
  • 'Spring Into You' Live & Interactive Lunch & Learn Tickets, Thu Sep 3 - Thu Oct 8 at 12:30PM - with Energx & FUNLOCKA 🧠💪 (24 Aug)
  • I'm a marketer ... "nothing more, nothing less." (23 Aug)
  • Got our first look at the DIFY Social logo embroidered onto merchandise yesterday - with Martin from Gopromote (22 Aug)
  • 🎶 "I think I take myself too serious / It's not that serious ..." Vampire Weekend – Sympathy. Happy weekend ... (21 Aug)
  • 🤔 What the Yellow?! Making sense of the latest social media report (20 Aug) WATCH and listen [YouTube] or read 20:2 What the Yellow?! [blog]

  • 🖥️ Tuesday Team Talks (TTTs) with Whereby (19 May, 2020)
  • We've just provided* 315 days of computer education to children in need (Australia 🇦🇺) and 191 days of access to safe space and support to a child in crisis (Vietnam 🇻🇳) 19 May, 2020
  • 🗣 Sharing a 'Winning with social media - through any season!' with Wyndham Business Network (WBN) members and guests this Wednesday (tomorrow!) 20 May, 2020
  • CoachNick Business Coaching - NEW DIFY Social media marketing case study blog (18 May, 2020)
  • 🔊"Somethin' ain't right. Gonna get myself, I'm gonna get myself, Gonna get myself connected..." Stereo MC’s (18 May, 2020)
  • "Very High I = Influence; Very Outgoing and Persuasive, Very People Oriented, Quite Optimistic Outlook, Strong Communication Skills, Likes to have Variety in the day..." DIFY Social Marketer Steve Hubbard's DISC Profile. (16 May, 2020
  • Returning my (Steve) Dream Factory co-working keypass and look who’s still here (it’s Brian!) 🏭 (15 May, 2020)
  • Conveyancing Lab - NEW DIFY Social media marketing case study (13 May, 2020)
  • "Lookin back 2020 mistakes I got many And the truth is that I'll probably do it again ..." The Herd (12 May, 2020
  • DIFY Social is using systemHUB with the vision that “DIFY will be to social media marketing, what BNI Australia is to small business networking” (11 May, 2020)
  • As a small business social media marketing consultancy DIFY Social's relationship with Google started out a bit rocky (remember G+?!)... We're now on very good terms! (6 May, 2020)
  • The Tuesday Team Talk screenshot (5 May, 2020)
  • Look who's talking at Melbourne Greater West's greatest chapter this week! Get around DIFY Social's Kaitlin Broadley 🙌 (4 May, 2020)
  • "I recently had an issue merging two Facebook pages... Steve was excellent in identifying the issues, amending them and liaising with Facebook to promptly merge the two pages. Highly recommend DIFY social!" Courtney Lockett (4 May, 2020)
  • Shout out to mentors! In particular to my (Steven @ DIFY Social) mentor - Clinton Bugg of SBMS-Small Business Mentoring Service. (1 May, 2020)
  • 'How can we beat COVID-19 with the love of loyalty?'  (30 Apr, 2020)
  • Note to self (and for others), Adelaide is half an hour behind Melbourne (30 Apr, 2020)
  • "... I would highly recommend his company.” Kristine Stout at mediaBoss & fellow BNI Australia member (28 Apr, 2020)
  • 🖥️ NEWS FLASH - SME Association of Australia #SMETV & Podcasts Launched! (27 Apr, 2020)
  • So pleased to see and be a small part of the amazing work done by CityCare Storehouse Melbourne ❤️ (26 Apr, 2020)
  • Bouncing Back from Footscray*, VIC, Australia - with Minuteman Press! (25 Apr, 2020)
  • MineOps Software - NEW Dify Social media marketing case study [blog
  • ‘Surviving Crisis e-book’ - Icon Agency found via AMI (22 Apr, 2020)
  • Tuesday (Marketer) Team Talks @ DIFY Social 👥🖥 (21 Apr, 2020)
  • 'Setting up for success' - Holistic Analytics webinar (21 Apr, 2020)
  • Happy ‘scheduling’ in my #westside hoodie (20 Apr, 2020)
  • Stable Eyes; NEW DIFY Social media marketing case study [blog] (20 Apr, 2020)
  • LISTENING to 'The Hunter', by the Lonely Boys [YouTube] - DIFY Social uses Facebook ads to hunt your target community (in a good way!) 18 Apr, 2020
  • DIFY JOBS; we are working on creating DIFY Social® trainee marketer (casual) jobs (17 Apr, 2020)
  • DIFY 22 (of 153) BNI online meetings : AFL 9 (of 153) home-and-away matches played (17 Apr,2020)
  • FACEBOOK for Business; Small Business Grants programme (16 Apr, 2020)
  • ... "the Newest Member of The Indie Movement" (15 Apr, 2020)
  • "Above all, you keep your clarity, You keep your focus, You keep your sense of love, And you keep your sense of purpose" (14 Apr, 2020
  • TechSeek Small Business I.T Support; NEW Dify Social media marketing case study [blog]
  • Praise be to God, Dan Andrews & #BusinessVictoria - Successful grant application (Good Friday, 10 Apr, 2020)
  • Fusion Heating & Cooling - NEW Dify Social media marketing case study [blog]; first post COVID-19 project completed fully online (8 Apr, 2020)
  • Finding & Signing Up to Visit a BNI Chapter Online Meeting; WATCH YouTube (7 Apr,2020)
  • "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." Don't quit on your small business (7 Apr, 2020)
  • Victoria Police investigating why the chicken crossed the road? (7 Apr, 2020)
  • Funding of $10,000 is available for small businesses via Business Victoria's Business Support Fund (6 Apr, 2020)
  • Facebook set to offer cash grants & ad credits (4 Apr, 2020)
  • Goodbye March. Hello April 2020! (3 Apr, 2020)
  • City of Melbourne COVID-19 business grants (2 Apr, 2020)
  • "You're Big. Fought Bigger" (31 Mar, 2020)
  • How are you coping? (30 Mar, 2020)
  • Conquer the Crisis - online event with free resources (27 Mar, 2020)
  • 20-BNI Online Connect — with Steven G Hubbard (from 26 Mar, 2020)
  • Attending the inaugural BNI Yarra (Carlton, Vic) online meeting (25 Mar, 2020)
  • Received - Selfie Stick and Tripod 2in1 (24 Mar, 2020
  • Try not to be a business "deer in headlights" (23 Mar, 2020)
  • Footscray Traders Association request that City of Maribyrnong Council urgently consider a "COVID-19 Traders Support package" (21 Mar, 2020)
  • Now's the time to "double down" on the business you're in - with Wez Hone, Business GREENhouse #KBS2020 Day 2 (21 Mar, 2020
  • 5 Things You Absolutely Must Be Doing Right Now - Wez Hone, Business GREENhouse #KBS2020 Day 1 (20 Mar, 2020
  • You're invited to try Whereby for your business video meetings (19 Mar, 2020) WATCH [YouTube]
  • Coronavirus; 'Boomer lives vs Business livelihood' (18 Mar, 2020
  • 😷 Coronavirus video - Stay Informed (17 Mar, 2020) WATCH [YouTube]
  • 😷 DIFY Social are taking and encouraging a proactive stance to reduce the spread of coronavirus (16 Mar, 2020)
  • 😷 Coronavirus: Why the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Melbourne International Comedy Festival & so on have been cancelled & patrons banned from Melbourne Racing Club‘s ASM, AFL - Australian Football League etc. And why we need to keep our ‘social distance’ at work & or stay home 🏡 (14 Mar, 2020)