An important message to Dify Social's small business customers and network (social media post 23 Mar, 2020)
Try not to be a business "deer in headlights" during this challenging COVID-19 season - now is NOT the time to stop communicating with your networks and target communities.
Share what you are doing; what actions are you taking to keep yourself, your staff and your customers safe.
Even if you do have to close or suspend services for a period, tell people what you are doing ‘on the business’ so that when you resume you’ll be able to offer a better service (or products). Otherwise people will simply assume you’ve succumbed to the crisis.
If you need help (*see response below) with your social media we remain available to conduct online webcam 'one-to-one' meetings, 'audit & consults' and 'setup & planning' sessions with Whereby refer => https://whereby.com/difysocial/stevehubbard.
To check availability and to book an appointment, please phone 1300 DO SOCIAL, email marketer@difysocial.com.au, or visit Facebook page
Stay healthy, remain informed and don’t stop communicating!
Steve Hubbard, Social Media Marketer & Owner of Dify Social
*DIFY COVID-19 response; we want to support your small business and between now and 30 June, 2020 are offering ...
1. "DO NOW, PAY LATER" for small businesses that want to work on being a better business in this unprecedented time - details to be confirmed shortly
2. < 3 MONTHS Social Media Marketing Management, in addition to 'once off' audit & consult, setup & planning sessions currently offered to businesses with Bartercard Trade$ and / or Qoin wallet - details to be confirmed shortly
3. 20-BNI Online Connect, it is our intent to virtually visit 153 chapter meetings during this difficult season of COVID-19. You should join us along the way! See Facebook page.