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Tech Seek [Enewsletter, Easter 2020] Business Class Member Spotlight - Steve Hubbard from Dify has been helping some of our clients in the past and we recently engaged his services in order to help manage and boost our social media presence.

Many business owners are time poor as it is, and given our current situation, it's become harder to promote your business in person.

Steve spent over 6 hours with us making sure all our social media channels were setup correctly and that our logos, images and content were consistent throughout.

Steve took the time to provide us with an audit, talk about our requirements (after obtaining an indepth understanding about our business) and consulted us on what he felt would benefit us by utilising the social media space.

Not only will Steve be regularly posting on our behalf across all of our socials, but he'll be providing us with reporting based on the analytical tools that he helped us implement so that we have a clear picture and understanding about how our business is performing.

If you're looking for social media marketing company that knows their stuff, give Steve a call on 1300 36 7624 or email marketer@difysocial.com.au

Fil Strati, Tech Seek Small Business IT Support

Steve does a great job and makes your social world all the better. I would recommend Dify Social to anyone that is looking for trouble free social media marketing.

Nathan Davis, Enplug Australia

Steve is amazing. He does things with our social media that I can't begin to comprehend. He's on the ball with everything, every time. Thanks for all the help, knowledge and guidance.

Allister Lyne, VicBeach volleyball

Steve is very professional, courteous and customer-driven. I would recommend him to assist with the development of a social media strategy for your business.

Russell Scoular, Chatto Creek Advisory

WATCH Video testimony https://youtu.be/omhs3Acdcvo received from Richard Owen of Empowered Financial Partners and Empowered Accounting in Williamstown for Dify Social's Steve Hubbard.

Steve, I appreciate the time and energy you put into our social media marketing strategies and am happy with the results that you have been able to achieve. I would happily act as a referee for your services if you required and I hope to work with you again on a project or two in the future.

Vince Crivelli, GM Melbourne Tigers (now CEO Melbourne United)

I would like to thank you for your service and for working with us to help our business succeed.

Patricia Hearns & Val Ozbaki, (former) Franchise Managers Quest Werribee

Steve offers an amazing service and I am quite overwhelmed (in a good way) with how little I have had to be involved after the initial set-up, and the increased publicity being achieved.

Veronica Kypros, Executive Officer ACBO

Steve understands the importance of protecting and building equity in our brand which is critical in our industry. He’s responsive to suggestions and feedback, provides monthly reports on time and is very knowledgeable in his field of work.

Helen Legg & Marie Kitch, SPI Property Inspections

Steve has provided great strategic advice and clarity to the social media marketing campaign undertaken for my business The Asian Opportunity. I have been very pleased with the results achieved.

Campbell MacKintosh, The Asian Opportunity

After a brief but thoughtful consultation period, Steve created a well-planned strategic social media campaign for King Parrot Cottages & Event Centre. With limited time, we, as owners of the business, are now free to work on other aspects of marketing and management.

Steve has a good handle on our objectives and we feel comfortable knowing Dify is looking after our business in a professional manner.