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Are you interested in becoming a do it for you i.e. do it for other people’s businesses, Dify Social Media Marketer Intern in 2021-22?

Contact marketer@difysocial.com.au with your CV and cover letter, together with your University program details and requirements. See Position Description below.  

NEW MARKETING WAYS - Dify Social's Rhia Daniel makes her Ticker TV debut!

Round One, 2020 Applications via LinkedIn (& Sidekicker in VIC) only for priority regions across Australia, including; Melbourne CBD, Melbourne East & Bendigo, Melbourne South VIC, Adelaide CBD & South SA, Perth & Fremantle WA, Gold Coast & Tweed Shire, Brisbane CBD & North QLD, Sydney Central, Sydney Inner West NSW have now closed.

Dify Social received 1,100+ LinkedIn job applications Australia wide and more 30 than shortlisted Marketer candidates were interviewed (up until Sat 27 Jun).

Successful applicants received an offer prior to Wednesday 8 July and commenced on the week starting Mon 13 July, 2020.

Dify Social Media Marketer – Position Description (Dify Social Marketer Advertised PD)

We are currently training university qualified, confident & passionate emerging Marketers interested in the Dify Social have fun, do good way of social media marketing (audits, set-ups, planning, management & reporting) and being part of the BNI Australia Givers Gain® way of business networking & development.


OUR MISSION is to protect, build and grow our business clients using Dify Social’s strategic model of social media marketing. OUR PURPOSE is to gain competitive advantages for our business clients using social media marketing tactics that include Facebook (& Instagram) advertising. OUR AIM overall is to attract and retain more customers for our business clients using social media to:

  • PROTECT and build equity in their brand and business online and through social media websites
  • DIFFERENTIATE their brand, business and representatives’ online and on social media presence from their competitors (or threat of) and exemplify them for their umbrella of relationships
  • “BE TOP OF MIND” with their target communities by exponentially increasing the number of communication ‘touch points’
  • INCREASE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT opportunities using inbound content marketing tactics and proofing, to drive their target audience to explore their interest and engage via the social channels, website, phone, email and or the front door of ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses.


If successful in your application, in the role you would

  • Be trained for a minimum of six hours per week over a six+six week period; with hours apportioned between: virtual facilitated learning the Dify Social way of social media marketing, and online (or in-person) attendance at BNI business networking meetings in your region
  • Prepare desktop audits & consult with interested small businesses' with regards to their online, website & social media ‘gaps & opportunities’
  • Set up and revise business customers’ key social media (6) assets in an optimal and integrated manner
  • Plan ‘with and for’ business customers’ to build their relationship networks and, to determine: scheduling of their social media posts; their Facebook ads target audience/s; and confirm marketing, management and Facebook advertising tactics
  • Manage on behalf of business customers: the scheduling of posts across social media channels; monitor social media channels; engage & share with, and of, strategic others, in particular on Facebook
  • Write Facebook advertising copy & administer campaigns
  • Provide (bi)monthly Facebook insights and social media marketing analytics reports
  • Respond to clients’ ad hoc enquiries, including ‘out of scope’ requests


To be successful in this role you would

  • have completed the three-month intern training period and met mutually agreed performance criteria
  • attend weekly BNI meetings, speak with a marketer’s authority and be confident in your ability to win new business
  • love and understand the value and power of social media for small businesses
  • be a person of high integrity and do what you say you will do
  • be constantly learning to develop your knowledge and keep up with evolving social media opportunities and new technologies
  • be social. Both online and off, with strong business and other community networks. You use: LinkedIn; Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; Google & YouTube
  • have, or be progressing towards, higher-level qualifications in Marketing, Communications, Business, New Media or Public Relations - with a strong desire to work as Marketer
  • be professional and respectful, with excellent speaking, writing (your spelling & grammar is impeccable!), presentation and communication skills.

Round One, 2020 Applications via LinkedIn (& Sidekicker in VIC) ONLY for priority regions closed Tuesday 23 June, 2020.

Noting that whilst job opportunities were advertised on Facebook, applications via direct message and or email, were not be considered.


Note: Given the number of applications received and shortlisted Marketers interviewed for priority regions, we are unlikely re-advertise until late 2020 or early 2021.


Shortlisted Applicant Form (2 pages) , in-ad 8 Jun, 2020

ROUND TWO (EOIs): please contact marketer@difysocial.com.au with your CV and cover letter. 

DIFY JOBS; we are working on creating DIFY Social® Marketer (casual) jobs using Franchise Simply systems - with Brian & Prue Keen.

Dify Social is a network marketing business!

Since July 2019, Steve Hubbard had been working with *Franchise Simply to offer Dify Social® media marketing with local representatives across Australia in 2020/21 - which has now been fully realised!

As a result of following the 'Success Path' Program, we offered DIFY JOBS  during the unprecedented season of COVID-19. The Program contained 28 units, divided into the four modules below:

1  DEVELOP - the big picture foundation of Dify Social; with an Operations HUB to support Social Media Marketers located across the country (Australia) and 'the ditch' in time (NZ)

2  DEFINE - define the elements; understanding the 'flow of money', Marketer regions, and head office support structure

3  DESIGN - procedures and documents have been designed; with Marketer 'how to' guides and templates, Head office manuals & procedures

4  DEPLOY - recruit Dify Social Marketers; including package material guides, induction, training & review periods

*You can listen to Steve being interviewed by Brian Keen on the Franchise Radio Show 99 ‘Your Social Media Time Bomb’ on SoundCloud.

Dify Social also provided social media marketing management for Franchise Simply [see blog].