Dify Qoin

Dify Qoin

Qoin is "a digital currency empowering buyers and sellers"

Supporting the Success of SME’s for 29 years

With over 29 years of success supporting small business’ globally through the Bartercard brand, Qoin realised the need for global commerce to adopt a widely used, reliable digital currency platform that enables consumers to spend with their favourite merchants instore or online.

How it Works

Qoin offers participating merchants like Dify Social, the opportunity to increase their customer base by accepting Qoin as payment therefore reducing their spare capacity and building more profitability. All this in a zero cost to merchant model.

Digital Community

A global community of buyers and sellers with a common goal. Growing the community together means more day to day spending options to save cash along with the increased potential for the Qoin value to increase. The more the community grows, the greater the opportunity for all.

Update on Qoin Legal Proceedings

The ASIC versus BPS Financial Limited trial completed on 19 October.

The central part of the case involved the licensing arrangements for the digital wallet.

Read further [Newsletter, 14 November 2023]

ASIC sues BPS Financial Limited [Article, 31 Oct 2022]

Important note

DIFY Social accepts Bartercard and/or Qoin for our 'once off' services only, including a social media audit, proposal & consult (429.50) in the first instance.

If we progress, we accept $T/Q for the 3hr social media set up session (629.50), subject to cash being paid for the 2hr strategy planning session ($429.50) and a minimum one-month management (XXS $192.50 - XS $292.50 - S $429.50) OR 50% cash : 50% $T/Q for ongoing monthly management.

Please note revised pricing from 1 Nov, 2023 - read blog

If you're interested in exploring for your business, call 1300 DO SOCIAL (1300 36 7624), email marketer@difysocial.com.au or visit » CONTACT

2023 Dify Social - AFL Tipping Comp

The 2023 AFL Season commences Thu 16 March (7.20pm AEDT) and you’re invited to join Dify Social’s Comp (Code: D65XEM45)

Qoin prizes to be announced for tipsters holding a wallet