Tricia Ravalo | DIFY

Business Name: Dify Social (Brisbane, Fortitude Valley QLD) & Sydney, NSW
Profession: Marketing - Social Media Marketer
University: Queensland University of Technology – Master of Business (Integrated Marketing Communication); University of Asia and the Pacific - Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication (Manila, Philippines)
Location: Bowen Hills, Brisbane (City of Brisbane) | Years in Business: 1st in current role
Previous Types of Employment/Jobs: Content & Social Media Manager for Merindah Study Centre (2018-present); Social Media and Events Manager for the Queensland Maritime Museum (August-November 2019) and; Qualitative Market Research (2015-2018) – Conducted fieldwork, data analysis, and report generation within a team

Brother | Hobbies: Music (Singing and dancing), Reading books | Activities of Interest: Meeting new people, Watching thriller movies, Team activities, Public Speaking | Car: N/A |  Laptop: MacBook Air | Phone: iPhone 7 plus

DISC Style: Technician - Cis(Free via Tony Robbins)
Technicians will seek projects in their area(s) of expertise. They constantly challenge their own work and results. They are likely knowledgeable in many areas. They are easy to work with unless their expertise is challenged. They are quality oriented and expect strong results from themselves and others. They can become critical of others if they achieve poor results. At times, they can become too insistent on doing things a "certain way."

My burning desire is to: Do what I love, as this passion allows me to produce the best quality work / team contribution at all times.
Something no one would know about me: In high school, I always wanted a job which entailed being on camera – news broadcaster or singer / celebrity. Then, I heard a story about a girl my age who ‘could not have a normal teenage life’ because of fame and fortune. I suddenly became grateful for the ‘normalcy’ of my life and changed my mind about these dreams. I then looked into other media and communications occupations; and Marketing caught my eye. I have never given up on this dream ever since.
My key to success: Knowing my personal work style, strengths, and weaknesses; and simultaneously understanding others’ work process / style. This helps me set ideal but realistic expectations / goals upon myself and on others.

GOALS: to strategically and efficiently use key social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google to cater to client and consumer needs; to be able to bring in new business / clients for Dify Social; to establish long-term business relationships with the clients I service

My ultimate working goal is is to become an expert in strategic marketing in the 6 key social media channels, so as to allow me to be a better consultant to clients.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: garnering a 6.55 (High Distinction) GPA at the end of my degree; (I found it quite challenging to excel upon my initial move into Brisbane. Therefore, finishing my degree with High Distinctions -- especially during the height of COVID-19 -- is one of my greatest feats); being awarded Best Capstone Project (AMN 406 client project) for a non-for-profit organisation.

INTERESTS: I am passionate about music. In my free time, I would sing for public / corporate events; or for my leisure. Fortunately enough, I live with people who share this passion for music; so I find that it is the best way to spend quality time with my family in Brisbane. I am also a youth leader / tutor for a girls’ club for teenagers, wherein we do activities which foster positive character development and values formation. I love relating with and interacting with the youth, as I think they have great ideas that adults always seem to miss or simply pay no mind.

NETWORKS: I am a volunteer tutor and administrator for a non-for-profit women’s organisation called Merindah Study Centre. With this group, I do not only provide and receive personal / character formation, but I also meet and interact with women of all ages, from all over the world, and from different backgrounds and beliefs.

SKILLS: Above average knowledge/skills in: Digital marketing strategy on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube; Consumer behaviour and integrated marketing communication principles / theories; Qualitative marketing research: interviewing for both one-on-one and focus group discussions; insight generation, data analysis and presentation; Project management: efficiency, order, and timeliness, people skills within a team; Business communication and public speaking; *fluent in English and Filipino; Digital content curation; Personal branding communication

CONTACT SPHERE: Best referral partners are typically; Business / Marketing Coaches, Web developers, SEO professionals & Photographers / Videographers

CURRENT CLIENT PROJECTS: Dify Social (Brisbane, Holland Park QLD); Dify Social Snapchat, Smokin Shisha, AMONGST Marketing, Dify Social Sydney, Gopromote, 1-2-1 meetings with BNI Oasis, BNI Aurora & BNI Brisbane, Central other chapter members

Last Page Update; 12 Sep, 2020