Ben Hale | DIFY

Business Name: Dify Social (Perth, Wanneroo WA) & London, UK
Profession: Marketing - Social Media Marketer
University: Edith Cowan University - Bachelor of Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations
Location: Ridgewood, Wanneroo (City of Wanneroo) | Years in Business: 1st in current role
Previous Types of Employment/Jobs: Rivers PTY LTD, December 2013 – present, Customer service assistant; Colosoul Group Inc. November 2017 – December 2018, Event coordinator- Colosoul Events

Pets: 3 cats | Hobbies: Going to the gym and for drives | Activities of Interest: Enjoy watching football (soccer) and hanging out with friends | Car: Hyundai i30 |  Laptop: Dell G3 15 | Google Pixel 3

DISC Style: Dynamo; (Free via Tony Robbins)
Dynamos will make an attempt to adjust or modify the thoughts and actions of others. They are good at understanding how to steer others toward a predetermined result. They will set the stage for the desired result before they verbalise that desire. Their strong persuasive skills can elicit cooperation from others but sometimes create a feeling by others of being manipulated. Dynamos can be intimidating and can seek to override the decisions of others.

My burning desire is to: Help establish DIFY as the best social media marketing consultancy in WA.
Something no one would know about me: Lived in Australia for 14 years and have never travelled to another state in the country.
My key to success: Say yes, even if you are unsure you can learn along the way! 

GOALS: to establish myself as a dependable social media marketer for the company.  My ultimate working goal is to watch Dify Social grow as a company thanks to the effort of all the marketers across the country.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Completing my bachelors degree and finding work after only a few months is a big accomplishment for me.

INTERESTS: being at the gym mostly. I like to sit back and relax if I am not doing those or going to the pub. 

NETWORKS: Going to be building networks as I attend weekly BNI meetings.   


CONTACT SPHERE: Best referral partners are typically; Business / Marketing Coaches, Web developers, SEO professionals & Photographers / Videographers

CLIENT PROJECTS: Dify Social (Wanneroo, Perth WA); Australian Christians; Choice Cleaning Services (WA); Arbonne - Carlton Treasure; Bas & Balances (WA/VIC)

🎶 Meet Dify Social Marketer Ben Hale Wanneroo, Perth WA 6065 (turn volume 🆙)

Pics. Ben Hale sharing his first DIFY Social presentation 'face-to-face' at BNI Grapevine - Business Networking Perth* 👏

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