Jake Spain | DIFY

Business Name: Dify Social (Nairne - Adelaide, SA)
Profession: Marketing - Social Media Marketer
University: UniSA - Bachelor of Media and Communications; Majoring in Journalism
Location: Nairne (Mount Barker District Council) - Adelaide (City of Adelaide) | Years in Business: 1st in current role
Previous Types of Employment/Jobs: Internship, Little Lion PR; Social media content liaison, Communications assistant (Internship), The Smith Family; Social media content liaison, Latitude Adelaide; Community Associate, Regus


Hobbies: Soccer, Cooking, Socialising with Friends and Family | Activities of Interest: All sport, film , tv and music | 2 brothers (17 & 21), 1 dog and 2 chooks | Car: Mitsubishi Lancer |  Laptop: Lenovo (Samsung Monitor) | Phone: Samsung S20

DISC Style: Assessor - IC(Free via Tony Robbins)
Assessors apply creative focus to practical, workable concepts and make them doable. They display competitive and results-oriented interactions but engage others with persuasion rather than through aggressive methods. They are good at explaining their ideas and the steps required to reach their goals. They are organized and often have a step by step action plan to assure a good result. They can be quite verbal in stating their dissatisfaction and in criticising others who are not contributing.

My burning desire is to: Have a career that challenges me every day and is ultimately making a positive difference in the world
Something no one would know about me: Solo-backpacked through Europe 
My key to success: You can only truly excel if you love what you do!

GOALS: 1 Year Goal: Lead the SA Team of Dify as clients first point of contact and have highest number of ‘new-clients’ signings; 2 Year Goal: Be recognised in SA as one of the premier social media marketers. My ultimate working goal is ... 1) Move to England and work in the media and communications team for an English Premier League Club; 2) Start a podcast

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Solo Backpacked around Europe for a year (2019); Finished a Degree and received an ATAR in the 90’s in High School; Captained my soccer team and won the league X 2; Voted in as Freshmen Representative and then Sports Director at Aquinas College by my peers; Established an event at Aquinas College that now takes place every year with great success.

INTERESTS: Sports (Soccer, Basketball, AFL, Cricket, NFL and many more); Music (Gigs, music festivals and listening to records); Cooking (I try to cook a new meal every week, love going out for good food and even better alcohol); Film (Enjoy going to the movies and discussing and dissecting film); Socialising (Friends and family are very important to me and I enjoy organising events)

NETWORKS: Soccer Club (Stirling Districts); Aquinas College; Rostrevor College; University of South Australia; Broken Hill (born and raised).

SKILLS: I strongly believe my greatest strength (skill) is my ability to communicate with anyone, I have a natural ability to empathise and understand almost all perspectives, which ultimately allows me to create long lasting connections.

I am also a very confident public speaker and writer; I have always been told I have a very strong and unique voice that is extremely persuasive.

My degree allowed me to develop professional design and writing skills which allows me to be proficient in both the Microsoft and ADOBE Suites.

As can be seen through my Soccer captaincy, I thrive in team environments and relish the opportunity on leading a team and the responsibilities and pressures that come with it.

Finally, my extensive experience working in customer service gives me an innate ability to easily identify the customers needs; a skill that will always be most useful in marketing and in particular social media.

CONTACT SPHERE: Best referral partners are typically; Business / Marketing Coaches, Web developers, SEO professionals & Photographers / Videographers

CURRENT CLIENT PROJECTS: Dify Social (Adelaide SA); Gopromote, 1-2-1 meetings with BNI Adelaide chapter members

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Last Page Update; 12 Nov 2020