Business Name: Dify Social® (Melbourne, VIC)
Profession: Social Media Marketing
Location: Online from St Albans, Melbourne | Years in Business: 3rd in current role
Previous Types of Employment/Jobs: Worked in the retail field. Worked as a Uber Driver.

Hobbies: Enjoy hiking, and taking road trips | Activities of Interest: AFL, Soccer, Exercise, Traveling | Uber Driver 🦠 | Car: Mazda 3 |  Laptop: MacBook Pro | Phone: iPhone (11)

DISC Style: Formalist - CS(Free via Tony Robbins)
Formalist rely upon procedure and structure in all aspects of life. They are detailed oriented and seek perfection. They need to know the expectations and the timetable for their work. They can get bogged down in detail and will not rush important decisions. They will take a risk if they have the facts to support it. They may be initially suspicious of personal compliments, praise or flattery

My burning desire is to: To expand my role at Dify Social and visit more BNI chapters across Melbourne.
Something no one would know about me: I love my red wine 🍷
My key to success: do what you're good at; Continue learning and have an open mind, work with passion and work hard.

GOALS: Building and expanding my role at Dify Social, from social media marketer to marketing assistant. Assisting Steve with onboarding marketers and admin support. As well as visiting new BNI Chapters across Melbourne to build networks.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Have completed and gained my Bachelor Majoring in Marketing through Victoria University. Have established my role as social media marketer and built my skill set within Dify social. Have worked with and assisted in social media marketing for a variety of clients at Dify Social.

INTERESTS: Staying healthy and Keeping active; going to the gym, hiking. I enjoy going on adventures whether that is going on road trips or traveling. I love a good glass of wine, or visiting wineries.

NETWORKS: Building networks through visiting BNI Chapters across Melbourne.

SKILLS: Qualified Marketer, Completed my Bachelor of Business from Victoria University. Have had two years experience with Dify Social as a Social Media Marketer.

CONTACT SPHERE: Best referral partners are typically; Business / Marketing Coaches, Web developers, SEO professionals & Photographers / Videographers (current Dify Social customers)

LAST 10 CUSTOMERS - Ref BLOG including; including; MineOps, Fusion Heating and Cooling, Sanitaire Bio-products, Master Dry Cleaners 🦠, Workplace Wizards, Chilli Realty, Empowered Financial Partners, Wertheim, Enplug Australia