Dify Workshops

Become a Dify Social™ 'do it for you (yourself)’ marketer!

Are you interested in becoming a ‘do it for you’ i.e. do it for other people’s businesses, Social Media Marketer?

Perhaps you are a marketing graduate or student nearing qualification - but you’re currently working in hospitality or retail rather than marketing. Or maybe you’re a parent  with a communications, PR, or marketing background who’s looking to return to meaningful work that better fits your lifestyle. Or you could be a start-up small business owner interested in the benefits of social media marketing for yourself and your own business.

Dify Social 2017/18 Summer Intensive at VU in the Community.

Dify Social workshops explain why Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google my Business, YouTube and so on, have changed the way businesses should market themselves and will:

  • equip you with the knowledge required to be a business social media marketing expert
  • exemplify the necessary tools, skills and understanding for you to be a sought after resource
  • enable you to gain significant business acumen and build your professional networks

At the completion of our "Intensive" workshops there may also be an opportunity to explore becoming a Dify Social Media Intern or Marketer - see position description on LinkedIn job posting (2017/18 round now closed).

Interested in future workshop and job opportunities? Send a direct message to Steve Hubbard via LinkedIn, email marketer@difysocial.com.au or call 1300 DO SOCIAL (1300 36 7624).