Hannah Steffensen | DIFY

Business Name: Dify Social (Brisbane QLD) & Dify Fashions
Profession: Marketing - Social Media Marketer
University: QUT (Queensland University of Technology) - Bachelor of Business & Bachelor of Media Communications
Location: Red Hill, Brisbane (City of Brisbane) | Years in Business: 1st in current role
Previous Types of Employment/Jobs: Public Relations Intern, Marketing & Communications Intern, Public Relations & Communications Intern, Private family Nanny

The eldest of two younger sisters named Edwina and Genevieve | Beagle named Oscar, Cavalier names Miles & Cat named Pikelet | Hobbies: Pilates, Netball, Piano, Hiking, Fashion/styling | Activities of Interest: Swimming in the ocean, Spending time at the beach, Travelling, Social Media, Spending time with friends, Astrology | Car: Suzuki Swift |  Laptop: Macbook Pro | Iphone XR

DISC Style: Coach - SI(Free via Tony Robbins)
Coaches are adept at solving "people problems." They are seen as warm, empathetic and insightful. They like to form extended personal relationships and often develop a reputation for unobtrusive, contributory efforts when working with others. They can become too lenient with marginal contributors and tend to be too mild when issuing corrections, directions and expectations.

My burning desire is to: is to be the founder and creator of my own business or fashion label where I am happy and passionately working as the marketer/PR.
Something no one would know about me: Doing anything creative, I love writing blog posts, cooking, playing the piano, or painting!
My key to success: Is staying true to yourself and letting your passion and excitement for life drive you to achieving your goals

GOALS: To become a confident marketer, excited and willing to learn something new everyday from like-mindfed professionals at Dify Social. My ultimate working goal is Be happy and passionate working as a marketer/PR for a company in the fashion industry

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Completing a double bachelor degree at QUT. Moving cities where I knew nobody and had to step outside my comfort zone. Having completed 3 unpaid internships to improve my marketing skills.

INTERESTS: I love to enjoy my time surrounded by those I love, exploring new places whether that be a road trip to the beach or to a new café. I also love to stay healthy and active and try to do Pilates or go for a walk everyday.

NETWORKS: Building networks through visiting BNI chapters across Brisbane

SKILLS: Confident and self motivated; Creative content and writing; Interpersonal and team collaborating skills; Passionate and hardworking; Completed bachelor of Business & Media Communications

CONTACT SPHERE: Best referral partners are typically; Business / Marketing Coaches, Web developers, SEO professionals & Photographers / Videographers

CLIENT PROJECTS: Dify Social (Brisbane, QLD); Dify FashionsTriple Scented by the Fenwick Group, Awards Australia; Bounty Boxes; Miessence Affiliate - Wendy Bryan

🎶 Meet #DifySocial's Marketer from Red Hill, Brisbane - Hannah Steffensen [TikTok]

BNI Midas - Kangaroo Point in-person presentation - 2021 BNI-Dify Presentation - Hannah (Feb) given on Wednesday 24 Feb, 2021.

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