Emily Mills | DIFY

Business Name: Dify Social (Brisbane, Holland Park QLD) & Sydney, NSW
Profession: Marketing - Social Media Marketer
University: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey US - BA Public Relations; Griffith University - Masters of Marketing & International Business
Location: Mt Gravatt, Brisbane (City of Brisbane) | Years in Business: 1st in current role
Previous Types of Employment/Jobs: Media & Donor Management Specialist for Employment Horizons, Inc (2017-2019). EH is an NJ non-profit, and I handled content creation, donor relations, and fundraising.

Sister (Caroline) | A cat in New Jersey 🙁  I’ve also had several hamsters | Hobbies: Olympic weightlifting, knitting, reading | Activities of Interest: All things pop culture and entertainment, travel/tourism | Car: Toyota Carolla |  Laptop: MacBook Pro | Phone: iPhone 8+

DISC Style: Coach - SI(Free via Tony Robbins)
Coaches are adept at solving "people problems." They are seen as warm, empathetic and insightful. They like to form extended personal relationships and often develop a reputation for unobtrusive, contributory efforts when working with others. They can become too lenient with marginal contributors and tend to be too mild when issuing corrections, directions and expectations.

My burning desire is to: I would love to work in Australia and New York, because I am originally from New Jersey.
Something no one would know about me: I have dual citisenship in Australia and the USA! Also, I played the tuba for 3 years.
My key to success: Never stop learning. Even if school isn’t for you, education and experience can never be taken away.

GOALS: short-mid term with Dify Social is to establish myself as a professional marketer in Australia and take my career to the next level. My ultimate working goal is to become a CMO or the head of a global marketing agency.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I graduated from my four year bachelor’s program in three and a half years. I also returned to school to earn my Associate’s Degree in Mathematics. Professionally, I have successfully executed over a dozen fundraising events in two and a half years.

INTERESTS: I am very involved in Olympic weightlifting, and try to train at least three times per week. I also love reading and crafting. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been in love with music, and even studied for a minor in music at Rutgers.

NETWORKS: I am a member of the Public Relations Society of America, the American Marketing Association, and the Australian Institute of Marketing. I am also currently studying for my postgraduate degree, and work closely with my classmates and professors.

SKILLS: As a result of my work experience I am skilled in social media, event planning, press release writing/pitching, SEO, G-Suite and Google Analytics, Microsoft Suite, Hootsuite, fundraising, budgeting and campaign management.

CONTACT SPHERE: Best referral partners are typically; Business / Marketing Coaches, Web developers, SEO professionals & Photographers / Videographers

CURRENT CLIENT PROJECTS: Dify Social (Brisbane, Holland Park QLD); Dify Social TikTok, Dify Social Sydney, Burgundy Bespoke Jewellers, Out There Branding,  Smokin Shisha, AMONGST Marketing, Gopromote, 1-2-1 meetings with BNI Brisbane, Central chapter members

Boo! 👻 🎶 Meet Dify Social Marketer Emily Mills, Holland Park, Brisbane, QLD 4121 (turn volume 🆙) 2 Nov

💪 WATCH the TikTok exec summary version of Emily Mill's "Winning with DIFY Social media marketing & networking!' presentation given in-person at BNI OASIS Brisbane, QLD on Tues 8 Dec, 2020  (18 Dec) Turn volume on! [YouTube]

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